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Innovative Romantic Birthday Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Romance

Is your sweetheart's birthday is just around the corner, you want to make it romantic and memorable? 

If you are looking to impress your sweetheart with a romantic and memorable day, but remain clueless on how to plan a romantic birthday?? We at MEDIATAINER can help you with some romantic birthday ideas to make the most of your celebration. Your sweetheart will love you all the more.
Planning a romantic birthday is all about showing your partner how important their happiness is to you. It's not about expensive dinners or a piece of jewelry you spent a month's paycheck on. Romance is really about how much thought you put into what you do.

Romance just ain't something you put a price tag on. And for those of us without a lot of money to spend, that's good news, indeed. Here MEDIATAINER, has found 10 simple tips and suggestions for planning a romantic birthday on any budget.

How to Be Romantic: 10 Tips and Ideas

1. Be specific.

While everybody loves spending a day out with their sweetie-pie, the most memorable days are the ones where you did something truly special. Is there something your partner loves to do? Or something he or she has mentioned but has never tried? Whether it's spending the afternoon ice skating or going fishing at your uncle's lake house, pick something special that fits your partner's interests... but don't tell them what you're doing 'til you get there.

2. Be extravagant.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you need to spend a lot of money-- after all, some of the best romantic birthday ideas are also the cheapest. What it does mean is that making an extravagant, unexpected gesture always goes over well. Did your partner once mention a toy he or she used to love as a child? Or something he or she used to love to do? Or something he or she wishes you would do?In the months leading up to the big birthday, listen to what your partner talks about (such as when they're reminiscing with they're parents) and try to recreate a special thing or a special moment with them. It's these sorts of extravagant gestures that romance is made of.

3. Celebrate them.

I think one of the best romantic birthday ideas in the world is a day or an evening spent celebrating with your birthday boy or girl. From their favorite food, to their favorite movie, to their favorite activity, a day of celebrating your partner's favorite things is a wonderful way to show them how well you know them. And how much you care. And unless your partner's favorite things are foie gras and race-car driving, this is an inexpensive romantic birthday idea, as well.

4. Make something together.

We all wish that perfect days --like the one you're planning with your sweetie-- lasted forever. But they don't. A great way to seal this romantic birthday in your partner's mind forever? Make something together. Go to a pottery workshop for an afternoon and create something that'll last forever. Or buy craft supplies to make a special object for your home or your partner.

5. Leave home.

If you had the money sitting around in your bank account, you would probably love to sweep your partner off to Aruba. Or Paris. But if you can't, even spending one night away from home --even in the same city-- is a wonderful romantic birthday idea. Stay in a bed and breakfast just outside the city, or even just down the street. Want to throw your sweetie off your trail? Blindfold them and drive them around for awhile before you get there so they don't realize how close you are to home.

6. Heat it up.

One of the best --and most common-- romantic birthday ideas? Cook a special meal for your sweetie. Especially if you don't do it often, preparing an entire meal is a great way to show how much you care. After all, the more effort you put in, the more romance you'll create. Don't know what to cook? We've got some great romantic menus for him, for her, and for anybody.

7. Make extra effort.

Is there something you've always wanted to do for your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend but have never had the time (or perhaps the self- discipline) to do it? Well, now's the time. If the idea of an activity or a gift means you'll have to spend hours researching or months slowly working away at something, it's just the kind of gift you want to give. Because your effort is the best way to show your partner how much they mean to you.

8. Make a sacrifice.

The best romantic birthday ideas all revolve around doing something to emphasize what your partner's happiness means to you. And the best way to do just that is to make a sacrifice. Is there's something your partner loves that you just hate to do? Or a chore that he or she would love done, but you've never wanted to do it? Now's the time. Spend the afternoon playing video games together if that's what he loves. Or go to watch Monster Truck races. Or scrub the bathroom 'til it sparkles. When your partner sees that you gave up something you love or did something you dislike in order to make them happy, they'll truly feel romanced.

9. Be there even if you're not.

You can't always be there for your partner's day. But that doesn't mean you can't use some of the romantic birthday ideas here. Does your partner have a favorite flower or a favorite meal? Have it sent to them at work. The more effort it takes, the more they'll see how much you care.

10. Extend it.

Everybody gets one day for their birthday (or for Valentine's Day or an anniversary). Want to make your partner really feel special? Make it a whole weekend, or even a whole week. Spend each day of his or her extended romantic birthday doing something special, and have a whole schedule set up (but don't let your partner see!). Make each day a fun surprise with activities, foods, and little gifts (even if it's just a chocolate bar) that your partner will love.

Well this is just a common example...and if anyone really appreciated this idea and henceforth looking forward for some really exciting concept to relish the birthday of your special one and make it a MEMORABLE ONE...

Do feel free to contact MEDIATAINER, as their vision is to fulfill your dream at your desired budget.

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